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What People Say About Dr. Nancy’s Talks and The Ageless Beauty Training and Tips:

I loved hearing the great daily reminders to point attention to where my life needs adjustment. The tips are cherished little secrets.

Just hearing Nancy speak was a healing experience for me. Her presence and peacefulness was transformative …. I have read and listened to Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors before, this time I understood. She has a way of making it clear, easy, embraceable.
—Connie Kemmerer Executive Director, Teton Wellness Festival, Jackson Hole, WY

Dr. Nancy is amazing! All of her tips are worthwhile and I will institute all of her advice. —Mary Qualls

(I started just one tip) and what a dramatic change in my energy level and luck!! I feel bright, and so happy I could feel my mouth spontaneously moving up into a smile. My students even commented to me that I looked pretty. My family is also having luck with reaching their goals as another side-effect! I'm enjoying my life so much more. Thank you Dr. Nancy for that tremendous tip.
—Diane Wetherhill

Dr. Lonsdorf’s a fantastic speaker, and you can tell by the way she connects with her audience that she genuinely cares about and enjoys people. I’ve applied some of her tips and feel great benefits already!

I particularly loved the way Dr. Nancy covered each and every topic in-depth! Just when I thought she was finished explaining a procedure, she would surprise me with even more information!

I loved your generosity and readiness to give freely so many great tips for healthy living…..this was an incredible gift. Thank you.
—Abaan Abu-Shumays